Meet Karen & Bob Halvorsen

If you asked me four years ago, "How many horses do you expect to
have in four years time?", the answer would have been one or two.
Five years ago I purchased my first Budyonny mare. Before that time
I owned an Anglo-Arab whom I had bought as a weanling. (He was
euthanized several years ago at the age of 26.) We did everything
together, fox-hunting, showing--hunters, dressage and eventing --
and, of course, trail riding.

I had purchased a young Hanovarian as a dressage replacement but that was not to be; the first time I mounted him he went over backwards. I was fortunate to walk away with minor injuries. We discovered that his behavior was related to ongoing physical issues and he went to a trainer for rehab and that is how I was introduced to the Budyonny breed.  The breed is not only very athletic, but also has incredible temperaments, being intelligent, calm and extremely willing--every trait one needs in a performance horse.

Before long I found myself with an assortment of broodmares which had been pasture bred to a Budyonny stallion on the West coast. In fact, my first foal was born on route. (We named him Traveller.) The shippers even took the time to visit a vet for a well-foal check. I have since culled some of the original mares and added three imported Budyonny stock from Russia--two mares and the stallion Rubico.

Our first pure blooded foals were born in the spring of 2007, fraternal twins (colt and filly) from embryos recovered from the same flushing of my performance mare. Our third pureblood is a  second colt. We now have five purebloods and a total of thirteen offspring from Rubico, ranging from the ages of six to one-year olds.
I learned to ride in England and in the 60's emigrated with my family to Colorado. Five years later a friend persuaded me to take up riding again and I have never looked back. Riding became my outlet, my stress reliever from a busy academic career. My primary interest is dressage and I started competing again in the fall of 2008, and am currently showing at Fourth Level with aspirations to show at Prix St. George by the end of this year.






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Karen, Bob, & Tessa
     Bob & Timmy
Rather than fight it, my husband decided to try riding.  He now owns a Belgain/Quarter horse  cross by the name of Timmy. We are members of the local hunt club which often has organized trail rides--a great way to meet your neighbors and to see some of the beautiful estates in central Virginia.

The name of our farm, Sterling Farm, is a carry over from the family business. Bob's grandfather started Sterling Diecasting in Brooklyn, New York in the early 1900's.
Bob's father carried on the family business as CEO while running a stable as a hobby in the 1950's.

While the Halvorsen's are no longer involved  with Sterling  Diecasting, we like the name as it reflects the values of our breeding endeavor."Sterling". like sterling silver, brings to mind purity, prestige and value. The same applies to our "Sterling" horses. 
Karen  Halvorsen