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Updates & Results
March 2011  We have enjoyed some marvelous weather this month, as well as some amazing winds storms.  But in spite of jumps blowing down, at least once a week, everyone has been moving right along.
  The two three year old geldings have started back under saddle, much to everyone's delight.  Rasputin is so quiet and well behaved.  He goes around as though he's been working his whole life.  Romeo continues to amaze us with his superb physical talent and good natured spirits. 
  Everyone is geared up for show season to start, and April is going to be a busy month.  TS and Rusty will be the first out of the blocks for a Dressage show, so we warmed up by taking TS to a Secretariat Look Alike contest at the Meadow Event Park in Doswell, the birthplace of Secretariat himself.  The class was judged by Kate Tweedy and several other people who worked for the Meadow at the time that Secretariat was alive.  Our TS placed second, however, I did personally hear Penny Chenery say she would have chosen TS for first.  Well, you decide!  Which one is TS?

January 2011 brings many challenges; but primarily remaining solvent in a depressed market.  Solutions include no breeding; rethinking the show schedule; and aggressive marketing of the sale horses.   Our goal is to showcase the talented older horses Ty as a jumper and Rusty in dressage.  The young mares Lubusha (Lulu), Juliette and Zarina (Zoe) all have promising futures as do the stallions; Juliette and Zoe in eventing, Rubin in hunters and Lulu and Maestro as multi-talented horses.  We are looking forward to starting the 3 year old fillies (Raisa and Lizette) under saddle and continuing the education of the two gelding who have already demonstrated their strengths; Romeo for his jumping, he cleared a 4ft gate with ease when startled by deer and Rasputin for his easy nature, he will be an amateur’s dream horse.

2010 was a watershed year, we sold three horses; Traveller, Larissa and Justina Day.  

All the 3 year olds spent sometime in the show ring; Lubusha (Lulu) in the baby green division at Culpeper and Juliette and Zarina at Combined training/ Horse trials: all came away with ribbons.  The two young stallion prospects; Rubin and Rostropovich (Maestro) each have a foal due spring 2011 and showed their talents in the show ring.  Maestro won the 3yr old hunter division at Warrenton and Rubin demonstrated that he would do well in the future as a hunter, placing in the baby green division in his first ‘A’ show.

Time after Time (Ty) continued to do well in the hunter ring; he was leased over the summer and did well in the adult amateur divisions.  However, he has shown an aptitude for the Jumper ring and has placed in almost every class, both at ‘A’ and local shows. 

Rustam (Rusty) spent most of the summer in the hunter ring and placed in many of his classes, but his movement and mind is so well suited for dressage that in 2011, we plan to concentrate on dressage.

2009 - The big news for 2009, Rurik the Red won the USEF/USHJA Zone 3 championship for the 3yr old hunter breeding, and placed 4th nationally.  He is IHF nominated and placed 1st in the 3yo IHF class at Warrenton Horse Show 2009.  He was shown in 18 classes in 2009 and won 13 classes and was 2nd 3 times. He was Best Young Horse once and Reserve Best Young Horse 3 times and Reserve Breeding Champion twice.

Rustam competed in the Baby Green divisions in many C and AA rated shows bringing home many blues, Champions and Reserves. Look out for him in 2010 in the Pre-Green divisions.

Larissa and Special both began their show career under saddle with ribbons over fences for Special and ribbons in pleasure classes for Larissa. Both are ready for a stellar 2010 over fences in the 2'6 divisions.

Traveller proved his scope and athletic ability with many good placings against top competition in the jumpers up to level 4.

March 26 and April 2, 2009   Rurik the Red won his three-year-old hunter breeding class and claimed the reserve champion as best young horse at the Showplace Spring Festival. The following week he again won the blue ribbon at the Maryland National Horse Show.

USEF 2009 Zone 3  Rurik the Red earned a championship for 2 year old hunter breeding for Zone 3.

August 30, 2008  Lubusha took 4th in the yearling fillies non-thoroughbred Hunter breeding division and 6th in the yearling fillies Sally Wheeler Championship at Warrenton

Rurick the Red took 2nd in the two-year-old colts and geldings non-thoroughbred Hunter breeding division and 4th in the Sally Wheeler Championship at Warrenton

Rustum took 4th in the three-year-old colts and geldings non-thoroughbred Hunter breeding division and 5th in the Sally Wheeler Championship at Warrenton

August 29, 2008  Lubusha took 3rd in the yearling fillies futurity division at the Warrenton Horse Show in VA

April 25, 2008    Rurick the Red took 2nd in the two-year-old Hunter breeding division at Lexington Premier AA Show in VA

July 2011  We are so pleased to announce two wonderful additions to our budyonny herd. On April 10th Nanuba had a filly, sired by  Maestro. A stunning baby  who we named Nadya.  From day one, she has been inquisitive not to mention independent.  Within days she was wandering far from Nanuba's side to watch the other horses in their training and the daily routine of the farm.  Nanuba, a fairly "progressive" mother allowed her as much freedom as she wanted.  Then, two months later, on June 7th, Roderick was born to Ro Ann West, sired by Rubin.    Annie is, shall we say,  less progressive than Nanuba, and monitored Roderick's every move.  Under her very watchful eye, he developed into a beautiful boy with lovely manners and a very sweet nature.
  When time came for the babies to start going out together, Annie made it very clear that she found Nanuba's parenting style somewhat inappropriate.  She took it upon her self to instill in Nadya some basic respect and boundaries, an education that Nadya took with good attitude.  When Annie felt that Nadya was ready to make a suitable playmate for her son, she finally allowed them to start playing.  And what fun they had.  Thick as thieves, they are still debating who is the faster of the two; rematches are held daily!
Nadya on the left at two days old.

  Roderick on the right at two days old
September 2011  Here we are, in September already, time has flown and so much has happened.  We have had many shows, three year olds have had their first outings, babies have grown up and everyone is loving the milder weather after such a brutally hot summer.  We were sad to lose one or our trainers, Kathy Rienks, to law school.  But we wish her the best, and know she will excel in school as she does in everything .  She promises to be back now and then!  Before she left, Kathy took Ty up to Culpeper, and had great success on him in the level 1 and level 2 jumpers, bringing home a blue ribbon. 
Special tried her proverbial hand at jumpers, and came home a champion in the novice division!
  Romeo and Rasputin had their first ride on a trailer and their first work off the farm.  Both were wonderful and sensible.  Rasptuin even got to go to his first combined training test, Romeo is very jealous and vows to outdo him when his turn comes.  Juliette continues to prove herself quiet and successful at shows, with very steady clear rounds. 
  Lulu, who has always done well in the hunter arena, went to her first dressage show, and put in two lovely tests.  She seems to realize when she is on display, and really shows off her flashy trot.
  We are ready for alot more shows this fall, and are very happy to see they budyonny name getting out there!